Warranty and maintenance


We grant a 24 months warranty for fabrication defects. Wristband, glass, and all other defects caused by unauthorized, external influences are explicitly excluded from this warranty. In the rare event of a fabrication defect, contact your local specialist or send the defected watch directly to our central service point. Please use the link below to contact our service point.

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Every watch should be treated with special care and undergo a revision (complete overhaul) every three to five years, with regards to its exposure to external factors.

Thorough maintenance includes taking apart all the pieces of the watch, cleaning them and eventually oiling and putting the pieces of the movement back together. Finally a quality check is carried out and a twelve month service warranty is granted.

We offer the following services:

  • Revision (complete overhaul)
  • Assessment of water resistance
  • Exchange glass, crown, dial, etc.
  • Full case restoration
  • Strap shortening/exchange

Should you have any special requirements, do let us know. We would kindly ask to contact us before sending in your product and please use the form below for a smooth and quick service.

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