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Water resistance

From hand washing to scuba diving – every model has certain limits when it comes to water resistance.

All ELYSEE watches reference their limits in accordance with DIN 8310. The reference is located at the bottom of the body, on the surface of the dial, or in the user manual. The chart below gives an overview of the different options.


Soiling of either body or wristband, caused by sweat and other external factors, can result in skin irritations, and in long-term it can even cause oxidation of the material. In order to avoid this, we advise you to clean the body and wristband regularly. Please refrain from using strong chemical detergents. We recommend using microfiber cloth and Q-tips for watches that are not entirely waterproof. All watches that allow 5 ATM or more may be cleaned with water and soap if necessary.

In case your watch requires a professional cleaning, we would kindly like to offer our help. Please use the service form below for a tentative enquiry.


As with all kinds of leather products (e.g. shoes, gloves, etc.) the leather strap require special care, to keep its appearance. Protect the strap from water, transpiration, humidity, oil, perfume, cosmetic products and other chemicals. Avoid exposure to the sun. Regular care prolongs the life span and preserves the straps look and smooth texture.

For activities in the water, high-humidity or other climate conditions that cause increased transpiration we recommend either a metal or a caoutchouc strap.

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